About Rahul Ji

Hi, I’m Rahul Raj aka Rahul ji, I want to make an impact in the lives of people, that is my purpose and mission to be on this earth.

I’m on a mission to help 1,00,000 people to build their career in digital marketing as a side hustle.

Rahul Ji

I thank you for being here, I value you and your time. Let’s have a relationship together and I want to help you achieve your goals.

Top Skills

Born and brought up in a small middle-class family in Kerala. I was growing up as a normal child with normal dreams without knowing the real purpose of my life.

I was truly passionate about airplanes. Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer. It was really a fascination for me to see an airplane fly. I used to collect pictures of airplanes from wherever I can and on every vacation, I tried to build an RC plane but failed countless times.

In 2005 my dad bought me a PC, one of the happiest moments in my life. I became an expert in computer-related things and I was more interested in researching new technologies.

The Journey

I joined Aeronautical Engineering in 2009, it was a dream come true moment for me. During my hostel days, I was running after “online money making” and every time end up in scams. A couple of times I lost money also.

I really wanted to learn the real deal. One day I had a chance to read a book titled ‘Google’. The book opened up my insight and it changed my perspective on how the internet works and what exactly you should focus on. The reason why you are on my website today is because of that book (One of the reasons).

After that, I read tons of articles and tutorials on how to make a blog, make money online, etc,.

Dark Days

I was going through tough times of my life during my college days as my family got struck by a financial crisis. I even struggled to pay my fees and forced to sell my pc, which was really a heartbreak for me. I had no other option but to use my friend’s laptop to continue my learning and researching.

God was so kind to me that few people helped me finish my Engineering. I am very much grateful to them.

After my college education, I had a 2-year gap, spending most of the time at home. During this period I dug deep into the technology and developed my very first website.

Moving Out Of Kerala

2014, I moved on to Bangalore and accidentally I got my first job as an instructor in one of the aviation colleges in Bangalore.

I was happy because it allows me to help my family financially.

I was not very much fond of teaching initially, days, and months passed and  I noticed that I myself developed as a teacher, and students used to love my class. I became a master in teaching and now I would say teaching is one of the noble professions.

On the other side, I’m still passionate about building a blog and making a passive income out of that.

2017 I decided to quit my job and came back to Kerala.

New Beginning

I joined my friend’s healthcare business. I built a website for him. Just like a typical client he used to ask me why business is not coming through the website.

I spent countless hours day and night figuring out how to drive traffic to the website. I have done 1000’s of strategies to drive traffic and I became a master in driving traffic.

2018 I joined with another partner to work for a greater vision and this time I built an eCommerce website on my own. I did rigorous SEO for this website and even some of the keywords which we ranked organically on top of Amazon in Google. Orders started to pour in every day. 

This project really pushed my limits and I became really good at traffic and conversions.

After that, we started our own digital agency Aenon Technologies Pvt Ltd and I have done a plethora of websites and SEO.

Shifted My Gears

I knew this is the right time for moving to digital marketing, so I took a few courses and surrendered myself to a mentor and became a certified digital marketing consultant.

I was getting clients from my circle. 

I generated 45 lakhs worth of qualified leads in just 2 weeks for one of my client’s training business. I was really amazed by the power of social media and strong copywriting.

Entrepreneurial Journey 

2019 I began giving direct and online training to business owners in Kerala and helped them achieve business goals.

Being Director of 2 startups I am managing two teams now.

During this entrepreneurial journey, I have met so many leaders, from where I have learned a lot and matured myself as an entrepreneur and learned the art of professional marketing.

I always dreamt of building an online business and it took 10 years for me to crack the code and reach this level where I am today.

I know that there are so many people out there who are really looking to build an online business.

I have developed a formula that you can learn, implement, and build your own online coaching business without expensive techs or software.

The Vision

I’m here to make an impact on society and transform the lives of the people. Wealth plays a major role in our life.

Most of us spend 50% of our lifetime working on 9 to 5 jobs, building businesses to have better financial stabilities. During this time we would not get time to spend with our family, kids, or parents. By the time we reach that level nothing would be left.

When a child is born its brain is injected with education, money, position the lists go on. It is true that we all need these things but only a few parents see their talents, abilities, or passion and help them build a career around it.

Look at a lizard that tries to climb a wall, who teaches them to climb the wall. Its ability is inborn. Similarly we humans have inborn talents, abilities, and passion. Most of us are forced to do jobs, that really don’t satisfy us because we don have the financial freedom to pursue our passion or talent.

Our current education system is not helping us.

How about making a passive income by doing what you love.

Let’s connect with each other, follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

I know that there is a purpose behind my journey on this earth

I am really excited to have you here.

Let me help you achieve your goals


Rahul Raj (Rahul Ji)