Do these 5 Things to Make Your Facebook Ad More Successful


This article is very much important for you. In this article, I will be explaining to you what are the things required to run a successful Facebook ad. 
Without further ado, let’s start. Why do ads keep failing for most people? They just simply head on to the ad dashboard and start creating ads. But before creating ads you should understand, why some ads become so successful and why other ads fail every time.
So in this post, I will be explaining what are things to keep in mind to create a successful Facebook ad.
1) Funnel.
2) Audience Targeting.
3) Ad Copy or Video Script (Creatives)
4) Landing Page.
5) Offer.
These 5 things are the most important things to consider before actually creating the ad.
First, let’s talk about funnels. What is a Funnel? If you have a business then what are the steps someone should follow. The customer journey we call it. For example, if you have some audience and you also have a thank you page. When someone buys your product then they will reach thank you page. So funnel is when the audience moves from the landing page to the thank you page. In between these are the steps the customer needs to go through to buy your product. This is called Funnel. If your funnel is not properly set then without a doubt your Facebook ad will fail. I will be doing an in-depth video and guide explaining different types of funnels and how you should use
funnels to grow your business in the coming weeks.
Now the second most important thing is Audience Targeting: While you create Facebook ads and if you choose the wrong audience then your ad will fail.
The third most important thing is Ad copy or Video script (Creatives). Have you seen a Facebook ad before, that some text will be there so you have to decide what text should use and if you are using videos then you have to decide what to tell in the video and if image is using then you should decide what images should use.
The fourth one is Landing Page: When someone sees your ad and clicks on it will take them on to the landing page. The landing page is like a one-page website and it should be appealing also.The landing page should include images, text, and properly placed CTA’s (Call To Action) buttons.
The last and most important thing is your Offer: What you are actually offering to your audience regarding your product and services. So what is an Offer actually? Imagine you went to a Juice shop to get some juice and you paid Rs.20 and you get one glass of juice. So the offer is you pay Rs.20 and get one glass of juice.
Let’s look at this in another way. If the juice shop offers one orange free along with one glass of juice when you pay Rs.20. One apple free with one glass of juice. In these two scenarios which offer is strong?  Without a doubt the second offer. Your Ad success is very much dependent on your offer.
Why all these things are very much important. If you are creating a Facebook ad and if it is not getting enough results then you should look into these 5 things and find out where you made the mistake. Often times when an ad fails they don’t know where they made the mistake and blames Facebook. So you should identify in which step you made the mistake and once you found the mistake, correct it and further optimize it.
So these are the 5 most important things which your ad success completely depend on.

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